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The Howard Partnership Trust is a growing family of 13 schools in the South East of England. Our family includes Primary, Secondary and Special Schools and welcomes any school that shares our values and commitment to Bringing out the Best in each and every one of our children and young people. Visit website

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Key Stage 1 & 2


English is the basis of all communication and taught from Nursery through to Year 6.

At Kenyngton Manor we deliver a daily literacy session of up to an hour which covers reading, phonics, grammar and writing. In addition to this we have regular drama activities and opportunities for speaking and listening. We develop handwriting styles and teach children how to spell.
Years 1 to 6 build on these skills year on year. By the time pupils reach Year 2, the end of Key Stage 1, they should be able to read, write simple stories, speak articulately and listen well.

By the time the children leave us at the end of Key Stage 2 they will be competent readers and writers being able to read a range of genres and write in varied styles.


Maths is an exciting subject that can give children many opportunities for solving real life problems.
The best maths teaching is taught at KMS. We give children the skills to tackle any problem and we challenge their thinking.

As the children move through the school they will be taught a range of strategies and skills to enable them to attempt any problem. The children will learn about number, algebra, data handling, probability, shape and space.

Maths No Problem


Religious Education at KMS follows the Surrey School Syllabus. We encourage the children to learn about religions and from them. We want the children to think and reflect. We encourage respect for the beliefs, values and traditions of our community.


Assembly is a time for the whole school, or a part of it, to meet and join together in collective worship. Our assemblies focus on pupils moral and social development and aim to create an awareness of one’s spirituality.


At KMS we aim to give the children a range of skills and strategies to question the world around them and to solve problems which they may encounter. Science is always practical and fun. We want the children to be inquisitive, to observe the world around them and challenge what they see.


We have a fabulous range of computer equipment at KMS. Each class may have two computers plus we have our ICT Suite. All computers are internet linked. Our classrooms all have interactive whiteboard enabling access to ICT in all subjects at all times. The children are taught ICT skills in each week in our suite and then are encouraged to practise them throughout the week across the rest of the subject they study. The pupils are taught how to use the World Wide Web, send e-mails, use word packages and publishing programs. We equip the children with the necessary skills to compete in a multi media society.

The foundation subjects include History, Geography, Design Technology, Art and Design, Music and PE.

The subjects are taught on a weekly basis with the exception of Design Technology which is taught once each term in a block period of one week.

Year 4 will swim each year. The year group travel to the local pool for lessons.