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History and Geography New Curriculum

At Kenyngton Manor in Key Stage 2 we are introducing the Reach Out Curriculum in History and Geography.

In adopting this approach, we are confident that we are offering a truly broad and balanced curriculum to our pupils. We believe that this curriculum will inspire our pupils to go on and excel in their chosen field, with the widest range of opportunities available to them.

The curriculum has been developed over the past three years by teachers with expertise in curriculum design. It is aimed at developing a global curriculum, with the History Curriculum giving a solid foundation and broad overview of the most important periods, events and themes in British and world history.

The Geography Curriculum is aimed at developing pupils with geographical skills and knowledge that they can build on in the future. These skills will enable pupils to become active members in society and be apply the relevant skills in their future career.

Below is the current Curriculum Map for this term for History and Geography:



Spring term History

Spring term Geography


Shang Dynasty

Mountains, volcanoes and Earthquakes


Roman Britain



Medieval Monarchs



Civil Rights



About the Reach Curriculum

The Reach Curriculum materials have been written exclusively by practising classroom teachers, assisted by subject experts, academics, senior leaders and leading educationalists.

Their design has been led by Jon Hutchinson, who gained a Masters in Educational Research from the University of Cambridge in 2018. Jon’s thesis was on applying evidence from a wide range of fields to classroom practice. He currently tutors on a Masters in Expert Teaching programme.

Materials are presented in a highly consistent approach, which makes our curriculum coherent, as well as both scalable and easy to implement with minimal training. This approach serves to help train teachers in effective educational approaches as they teach.

The Reach Curriculum Overview